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On the Road with Cebic Technologies

Johan Hybinette will be a guest speaker at the 2007 NAAIM Uncommon Knowledge conference in Orlando, Florida, May 7th.

NAAIM – the National Association of Active Investment Managers – is a peer group of more than 200 registered investment advisers and money managers from throughout the U.S.

Investment advisers face a myriad of security issues from maintaining the privacy and confidentially of client account and personal information to preserving electronic communications for regulatory review. Many of the money management firms are relatively small companies that are highly dependent on computer networks and the Internet to affect trades in client accounts, track performance and provide accurate reporting to clients. They are required by law to have established disaster plans and to preserve records of transactions that can be reviewed by securities regulators.

Johan will address steps advisers should take to assure the security of their IT assets, where their greatest vulnerabilities lie, mistakes Cebic Technologies has seen companies make and how to avoid those mistakes. Johan is a frequent speaker at industry events and has taught college level computer security courses for the past five years.

To schedule a Cebic presentation for your peer group or industry association, contact Beate at 303-987-3679, ext. 305.

By Jon Van

Published September 4, 2006 in INSIDE TECHNOLOGY

About 90 percent of the free wireless broadband connections available at O'Hare International Airport are not true Wi-Fi hotspots and some could be traps laid by fraudsters, a computer security firm asserts.

In a recent study, engineers from Authentium Inc., a Florida-based security software developer, found that the vast majority of free Wi-Fi connections at O'Hare originated from other computers rather than stand-alone Wi-Fi hotspots. This doesn't mean they are all dangerous, but some might be, said Corey O'Donnell, Authentium's marketing vice president.

"It means that for 90 percent of the free connections at O'Hare everything you do will go through someone else's computer where it's possible to record passwords and other information for identity theft," O'Donnell said.

Hacker Web sites provide instructions in how such frauds can be accomplished, he said.

A hacker with a laptop can go to O'Hare and sign on to a wireless broadband service that may be a free or subscriber-based Wi-Fi service at the airport or a fast data connection supplied by a wireless mobile carrier like Verizon Wireless or Sprint, O'Donnell said.

The hacker laptop then broadcasts the wireless signal as free Wi-Fi, hoping to lure travelers as they log online to read their e-mail, check their bank balances or otherwise catch up with work. As more people carry laptops while traveling and the laptops have Wi-Fi access built-in, airports, hotels and coffee shops become increasingly attractive to hackers as places to trap the unwary, O'Donnell said.

"Once your computer logs on, you're on the hacker's turf," said O'Donnell. "It makes the hacker's job much easier than trying to break into your computer."

Even people who don't go online but just turn on their computers to write a report or make a spreadsheet, may be vulnerable, he said. Unless that function is turned off, laptops automatically look for Wi-Fi connections so they are ready to go online, which means that hackers can slip into your computer as you work off-line, O'Donnell said.

To guard against fraud, people should turn off the automatic connection function and select "access point networks only," O'Donnell said. Of course, if they also use encryption software, such as that produced by Authentium, so much the better.

O'Donnell stressed that it's likely that most free wireless connections floating about at O'Hare originated by laptops used by people who didn't even know their machines were transmitting connectivity to the rest of the world.

In response to client requests, Cebic Technologies has developed a new IntelliEye-4000 monitoring appliance that allows companies to conduct network and computer monitoring in-house, with all the sophistication of Cebic’s IntelliEye service.

Designed as a turnkey solution, the new IntelliEye-4000 appliance allows companies to monitor the health of server systems and individual computers, networking switches, bandwidth utilization, environmental systems, software applications and more.

“We call it "monitoring in a box,’” explains Cebic CEO Beate Hybinette. “It’s a network and computer monitoring solution that simply attaches to your network and provides the overview dashboard that allows your IT staff to detect system health immediately. The complete package includes hardware, software, probes, installation and an annual maintenance agreement for software updates.”

“In this business, there is no one-time solution,” she said. “It’s a continuous evolution and implementation of efficiency increasing technologies. That’s why outside managed services are seeing tremendous growth. Keeping up with continually changing technology issues, particularly with regard to security threats, is a very difficult time commitment to meet for IT staff with widespread responsibilities. Cebic is a resource our customers can count on when it comes to monitoring technologies.”

Cebic Technologies has introduced a new service to take the pain out of maintaining a efficient computer network for small to mid-size companies. Through a new “Hardware as a Service” offering, Cebic Technologies provides hardware procurement and replacement, remote IT monitoring and network management all for a fixed monthly fee.

“Under this service, Cebic technicians develop an IT configuration that works for your business, purchase and install the system and provide managed services to assure that the system is working satisfactory" explains Cebic president Beate Hybinette. “The hardware and software are owned by Cebic Technologies. We take the responsibility for maintaining and replacing equipment, purchasing and upgrading software and appliances, such as backup systems, and providing technical support. All the business manager has to do to add a computer, change out a monitor, or modify the IT setup is to make a phone call.”

Hardware-as-a-service is a relatively new concept in the managed services industry, with the first contracts offered in 2006. But, given the complexity of today’s computer networks, the approach can make considerable sense for smaller businesses, Beate maintains.

“The goal of managed services is to provide businesses with the ability to focus on making money, not keeping up with computer technology,” she said. “If this service could be of value to your business, please give us a call at (888)232-4226, x305.”

RoArk printing plant
In the fall of 1999, RoArk Printing in northwest Arkansas, installed a Hybinette Granite Server, pleased to find it “packed a punch in terms of processing speed, storage availability and redundancy.” After eight years of reliable service, RoArk is considering an upgrade to the Granite.

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, the idea that a server could continue to meet the demands of increasingly complex graphic files for nearly a decade seems worth a mention. The Granite server was one of the first of its day to offer a 533 megahertz Alpha CPU, Fibrechannel Gigabit networking and a Zativa 9900 high performance RAID array that still outperforms RAID subsystems today. Built by Cebic Technologies’ computer hardware division, the Hybinette Granite was a standard for reliability, extremely fast, high performance file transfer capabilities. With a few upgrades, this model will easily exceed a decade of continuous service.

To find out how you can make the most of the IT technology you are purchasing, please give me a call at (888)232-4226 x 305.

Beate Hybinette
Beate Hybinette
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